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Google AdSense Top Keyword List

Google AdSense Top Keyword List is something all Google AdSense publishers check at least once in their life time. These keywords movivate people to Join AdSense to Earn money online. Usually some of keywords would show you unbelivable click values and might make you think how easy to earn money online with Google AdSense. But it hasn't been proved how realistic is these AdSense high paying keywords. Its no doubt AdSense is the best and fastest money maker online but still this is more like a fairytale

There is a way to use Google AdSense Top keyword list to earn money. You can find the best keywords for your website and use them to build up keywords density of your content. More high paying keywords in your content might let you earn more money from AdSense. Be careful not to over do it.

Also you have to keep in mind that these values are not what actually get paid by Google. These values are what advertisers bid in Adword program for various keywords. Since Google hasn't disclosed the % we get from a ad we wouldn't know how much we might get from these but its something 50% or less. So if The Google keyword you target shows value 10$ then you might get something like 5$ or less.

Google AdSense Top Keyword List

car insurance quotes $30.47 mesothelioma $23.65
cheaper car insurance $36.93 pleural mesothelioma $25.98
instant car insurance $32.10 mesothelioma treatment $25.85
compare car insurance $26.55 diagnosis mesothelioma $25.75
car insurance estimates $34.79 mesothelioma attorneys $36.42
on line car insurance $29.45 benign mesothelioma $27.02
online car insurance quotes $31.72 mesothelioma risk $29.65
inexpensive car insurance $33.16 mesothelioma resource $29.41
dui attorneys $26.03 new york mesothelioma $30.74
criminal attorneys $25.31 mesothelioma definition $31.08
injury attorneys $22.33 mesothelioma victims $34.99
dui attorney $23.85 small business hosting $20.38
wrongful death attorneys $23.51
managed web hosting $26.11
home equity loan $22.69 dedicated hosting $19.58
equity home loans $23.74 web hosting for small business $21.62
best home loan $19.45 small business hosting $20.38
home refinance $23.27 buying a domain name $22.25
bad credit home $24.20 buy domain name $19.06
mortgage refinancing $32.58 purchase domain name $18.15
refinancing $33.30 buy a domain name $15.99

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