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Top Keywords For Money With Google Adsense

Top Keywords For Money With Google Adsense

If you want to maximize your earnings with Google Adsense, you need to find the best keywords.

You can get access to almost 3 million of the top keywords for Adsense by clicking here, to the
Top Paying Keywords database.

They give you a free sample of the best high-paying keywords, so that you can easily start making more money with your Adsense blogs.

In this free PDF file, you will see a list of the top Adsense keywords, their average value per click for 2008, the average CPC for 2009, and the percent increase. Everything on this list is great, most of the top keywords carry a 50% increase over last year.

Why is this valuable? When you are trying to make more money with Adsense blogs, the higher-competition keywords are going to deliver the most money per click. So if you are spinning your wheels, trying to earn Adsense money on low competition keywords, even if you have a high click through rate (CTR), if your blog is in a highly specialized niche, the clicks will not amount to very much money. So you can increase your income by blogging about the higher-competition (more expensive) topics.

After you look at the short list of the keywords provided in this free list, it should give you some ideas for possible blog topics. But to really unlock the value of the Top Paying Keywords database, I highly recommend springing for the full access. Quarterly updates are available, so that you will not be stuck using an older list. It is not very often that I just come out and say “Buy This!”, I mean, usually I try to be a little more subtle. But right now I am going to be blunt. Buy this. It is going to make the difference between whether you are making 5 cents a click, or $5 a click. Which would you rather earn?

If you REALLY want to jumpstart your earnings and make money with Adsense fast, you NEED to check it out. At least grab the free list and make use of it. Then later if you want to grab the paid version, that’s completely up to you.

Here are just a few ideas on the list of top paying keywords:

home loan
lawyers in las vegas
home air purifiers
dedicated hosting

I should specifiy that these are from a list of the HIGHEST APPRECIATING keywords. They have all gone up 50% in click value over the last year. The fact that they are appreciating doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the most expensive, it means that they are experiencing the fastest growth. There may be tons of keywords that pay more per click, such as “debt consolidation” for example. But debt consolidation is not necessarily a good keyword because it might not be GROWING as quickly as the keywords you are going to find in the top keyword database. There might be a million blogs already on the debt consolidation topic, making it harder for you to get organic traffic. But another keyword (like one of the four above) might suit you better because although the competition for ADVERTISERS is huge, the competition for PUBLISHERS is not nearly as difficult.

So you must take into account the two factors that will affect your Adsense income:

Competition for blog Traffic (the lower the better)
Competition amongst Advertisers (the higher the better)

Do yourself a favor and get your hands on these highly profitable keywords, and you will make more money with Google Adsense, FAST.

And check out the rest of this site for more Adsense earning tips and tricks. Thanks for visiting!
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