Selasa, 25 Oktober 2011

Cara Merubah Tampilan Windows 7 Terlihat seperti Windows 8

Merubah Tampilan Windows 7 kaya Windows 8

windows 8 is suppose to be more tablet oriented so the interface is going to be different. and to get the major change of eye candy this program is called mosaic found in, this program ads some pretty cool widgets to your desktop interface and let you have websites, programs and lots of other cool stuff for easy access.

the simplest way to change the look of your computer is to add windows 8 style desktop background, rumors report that adding a windows background of windows 8 will be more interactive, to recreate this you can install okozo in the, then in the okozo website you can download some pretty cool interactive wallpapers like this one where you can feed goldfish.

the last program enhances the aerosnap feature in windows 7, normally it let you snap windows in one side of the screen to the other, here you can download winsplit in which gives you more snapping option so you can snap pages into groups for easier organization.

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