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Cuplikan Video Highlights Atletico Madrid 4-2 Valencia

Atletico Madrid 4-2 Valencia Highlights Goals Videos - 19 April 2012 - Europa Cup
Atletico Madrid have been really good at their home game and they have defeated the opponents and rivals of the week Valencia by 4-1 goals difference . It was a good game Atletico Madrid and got the advantage of the 3 goals over the rivals side Valencia. Watch full match highlights and all goals videos soon here just after match . Falcao scores the 1st goal of the match and then after his goal Jonas scores the 2nd goal in the match Miranda . Adrian scores the 3rd goal to lead his team and Falcao scores his 2nd to finish the match 4-1 goals difference but some at the end 1 goal more scored by the Valencia.
Goal Scorers : Cuplikan Video Highlights Atletico Madrid 4-2 Valencia
18' [1 - 0] R. Falcao 
45' [1 - 1] Jonas 
49' [2 - 1] Miranda 
54' [3 - 1] Adrian 
78' [4 - 1] R. Falcao
90' [4 - 1] R.Coasta
Falcao Goal Video Vs Valencia

Jonas Goal Video Vs Atletico Madri

Miranda Goal Video Vs Valencia

Adrian Goal Video Vs Valencia

Falcao 2nd Goal Video Vs Valencia

Coasta goal video vs Atletico Madrid 

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