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Five Secrets of High Adsense Earning Web Sites That “The Experts” Don’t Want You To Know

Five Secrets of High Adsense Earning Web Sites That “The Experts” Don’t Want You To Know by guest

Everyone wants to get on the AdSense bandwagon. Many people see it as a quick and easy way to make money on the Internet. The good thing is that you really can make money via AdSense. Heck, I have a decent side income via AdSense running on HTNet.

However, I’ll be the first to admit that my earning per click is pretty low because HTNet is not really optimised for high AdSense earnings. By optimised I don’t mean ad placements or things considered technical. I’ve observed over a couple of years that it’s the more simpler things that differenciate the high AdSense income web sites with the wannabes.

In this post, I’m going to share with you the Five Secrets that you can use to create a high AdSense earning web site.

1) Focus on Non Tech-Savvy Audience

This is the main reason why HTNet is doomed to AdSense mediocrity! I mostly write on tech-centric stuff. If you really want to make a lot from AdSense, do not take my chosen path! I couldn’t stress this enough.

Instead, focus your content on anything non-technology related. Highly recommended topics will be covered in Point 2, but for now let me state the reasons on why you shouldn’t cater to the more technologically savvy reading population:

Geeks can smell an ad from a thousand miles away
Most of them use Firefox and swear by the almighty powers of the AdBlock extension
There are literally thousands other tech web sites which will be more trusted by the geeks and can deliver 0-day tech news far faster than you

If you’re planning to start a tech-centric web site or blog with the intention of making the AdSense ads on it supply you with the main source of income for your planned early retirement; axe the plan now or regret it for the rest of your life.

You have been warned ;)
2) Let Legal And/Or Medical Topics Be Your Main Content

Let’s face it, lawyers and doctors are among the highest paid professionals. Therefore, it’s only logical that people would avoid getting their expert advice because most people are cheapskates.

Guess where they head to for what they assumed to be the next best thing? The Internet of course! From legal advice to Mesothelioma information, a huge majority of people choose to seek information from the millions of pages of unverified raw data rather than the professionals who are only a five minute drive away.

These people, my soon to be AdSense millionaire friends, are the people you should be targeting.

The process is pretty simple, grab some generally known information about your chosen topic, perform some minor edits, add your own opinions or experience about the topic and republish them! Some useful resources you can use in your arsenal for AdSense millions include:

Wikipedia: Always plenty of medical info and law acts for your reference
Google BlogSearch: Useful for finding out what others are writing about your chosen topics
Answers.com: Check out their Health and Legal sections for inspiration and resources

For an idea of how much advertisers are paying per click on your selected topics, you should use the AdWords Keyword tool to check out its rates. It is an extremely useful tool to help you decide whether a topic is worth your time and effort.

Please note that I do not condone the act of giving unqualified legal or medical advice. You should position yourself as a bridge between those who seek information to those who are experts on said information and nothing more.
3) Have Some Interactivity In Your Web Site

There’s nothing that sucks more than an updateless web site. Of course, you probably wouldn’t have enough time to keep a web site updated constantly on your own. This is where one of the biggest wonders of the Internet step in; Interactivity.

You should allow your potentially million-dollar earning web site to interact with those who would be supplying the millions; your visitors.

Rather than focus on what you should do, which is a lot, I’d like to bring your attention to things which you should avoid at all costs in you effort to provide a gainfully interactive online experience to your visitors:

Compulsory User Registration: Nothing kills the interactivity spirit more than compulsory registration on a blog or web site which a visitor might only be visiting once.
Members Only Sections: Such sections are useless because it’s not indexable by search engine robots, and thus won’t be found by the casual web surfer. Stuffing your key content in such sections is like placing your donation box in a room guarded by rottweilers.
No Anti-Spam Protection: You wouldn’t want your web site to be bombarded by thousands of automated spam posts that contribute to poor user experience. Please refrain from manually approving or removing comments as it wastes your visitors’ time as well as yours.

Interactivity provides life to your web sites. Without visitor participation your site will be seen as dead by most people. Another plus of having an interactive web site is that your content will change slightly with every user contribution. This is a vital sign of life which most search engines put significant weight on.
4) Use Easy To Understand URLs

If you were to be presented by the following links, which will you click:


Most people would prefer the second one because it already gives an idea of what the link’s content would be about.

People don’t like suprises, especially on the Internet. A history of popup-bombs and NSFW links disguised as links to useful information have made people observe the linked URL much more closely before they actually click on it. You have one chance of making sure somebody clicks your link instead of others, especially in a search results page. Give your web pages the advantage by using meaningful keywords in its URL instead of some computer-generated nonsense (tech people call them Dynamic URLs).

Search engines such as Google and Yahoo! love descriptive URLs too. They tend to rank pages with more meaningful URLs higher than those with dynamic URLs. This is a no-brainer because the URLs themselves can be easily matched to a submitted query.
5) Don’t Put In Too Much Effort In Building Loyal Readership

Yes, this is possibly the most controversial of my list of secrets of high AdSense earning web sites. Nevertheless, this is the most highly guarded secret in this list.

Face the fact, familiarity leads to ad blindness. Regular visitors to your web site can easily distinguish between the main content and advertisements. After a while, they automatically adjust their reading behaviour to disregard your meticulously placed AdSense ads.

You should accept the fact that your main source of income comes from those once-off visitors. This is perfectly normal web visiting behaviour, as I illustrate below:

Potential visitor searches for information from search engines
Search engines list your web page as one of the results
Potential is converted into an actual visitor when he clicks your link
You have 30 seconds maximum to convince the visitor that he can find what he’s looking for in your web page
Once the user is hooked, let him feel the pain of not having the information he’s looking for
Relieve the pain by offering potential solutions in the form of well-placed ads
User clicks on the ad hoping for the magic formula to cure his pain

I did not discover this method or made it up. It’s a well known method used by marketing professionals. However, it’s more easily said than done. The key to effectively execute the Let Potential Customers Feel The Pain and then Relieve It method is to practise.

It is advised that you learn from the experts in writing content that hits home. I highly recommend Copyblogger as a resource for writing effectively. I find the article, The Five Immutable Laws of Persuasive Blogging, to be a must-read for anyone wanting to make decent income through online writing.
Final Word of Advice: Start Now

There are millions of web sites started every day. The more you put off your plans to implement yours, the more competitors you’ll have when you finally put yours up. This is not a competition to do the best launch, it’s a competition of getting exposure and traffic as quickly as possible.

There nothing to stop you from beautifying your web site later, heck, you can even upgrade to a more decent web hosting package any time in the future. One thing you cannot do however, is turn back time. Once the opportunity has passed, there’s no way for you to get it back.

Your slice of the AdSense revenue pie will be grabbed by those who are hungrier and more enthusiastic. Pick a profitable niche, do some initial research and start writing those pages!

Here’s an additional bonus secret for you: Your competitors want you to delay doing this as long as possible.

Five Secrets of High Adsense Earning Web Sites That “The Experts” Don’t Want You To Know http://www.heritage-tech.net/401/five-secrets-of-high-adsense-earning-web-sites-that-the-experts-dont-want-you-to-know/

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