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How to Predict your AdSense Earnings

How to Predict your AdSense Earnings ????

Lately, I have received a lot of questions regarding an AdSense earnings prediction. Of course, you would never know how much you can get exactly. But after you read this post, things might be much clearer for you.

In this article, I would show you a formula with which you can closely predict how much you could make with your website or a blog. This predictive model formula gives you an opportunity what you should expect from your current earnings and your overall earning potential.

Please note that this article is related only to the Google AdSense (and other similar) contextual pay-per-click ad networks. This formula cannot be used to predict your affiliate and other money-making processes on the internet.

Also note that this formula is just here to simply show you how much you could make money if this information is absolutely correct (like on the example). Of course, your real earnings can vary significantly from these calculations in the formula.
Where to Look At

You should specially find out some more information about the following factors. Before you actually could predict your earnings more precisely:

Targeted visitors – If you manage to get more quality targeted visitors, you would probably get more CTR on your advertisements. An advertisements on your sites are displayed dynamically, providing the most-related ads to your website niche.
Average CPC Cost – Some niches have relatively high CPC values, making you better overall cost-per-click earnings. Of course, this can automatically improve and boost your overall earnings. In the other hand, some niches have a much lower CPC value.

The best way to check this is to try them out practically on your website. Write down and diagnose all these factors before applying them on this formula.

It is important to take this step seriously. The more quality analyzes you get, the more quality results you would have at the end.

Note that these values can change from time to time, but after all you would know how much you could make money from your website eventually. If you analyze all these factors better, the more accurate results you would get and the more precise report.
Earnings Prediction Formula

First of all, you would need to know some basic things about an ad networks:

Click Through Ratio – Also known as CTR is an information that show you how much visitors actually click on your advertisements. Example, if your website have 1000 visitors and 10 of them click on your ads – then your CTR is 1% – simple as that.
Cost Per Click – Shortly known as CPC is simply an information which display your earnings per generated click by your visitors. This value may drastically change from website to website. We would work there with your average CPC value, so important thing is to analyze it properly.

For this formula, we would say that an average CTR is 1% and CPC value is only $ 0.05. And let’s say you want to make $1000 per month. Now we only need a math:

For every 1000 visitors you make $ 0.50 and for every 10.000 visitors you make $5.00. To make your $1000 per month you would need 2.000.000 of visitors following the formula below.

1000/0,05*(100/1)% = 2.000.000

This means if this information is an ideal, you would make your $1000.00 monthly if you have at least 2 millions of visitors per that month.
CPC & CTR Importance

In the following example I would show you the real importance of your CPC and CTR:

According to this formula above, let’s say you increate the CPC to $0.1 and the CTR to 5% then you get $1000 for only 200.000 visitors per month! That is 10 times less visitors!

I want to say that all depends on your CPC and CTR ratings. 5% CTR for an average website is a very high value. Most websites gets from 1 to 1.5% CTR. To improve CTR you would need to place advertisements on your site properly.

How to Predict your AdSense Earnings by http://www.bashbosh.com/how-to-predict-google-adsense-earnings/

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