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Google Adsense Tutorial, How to Qualify for using Google Adsense?

Google Adsense Tutorial
How to Qualify for using Google Adsense?

Qualifying for Google Adsense represent an interesting matter, as the demands for acceptance a site are mostly common knowledge and are nothing extraordinary.

To qualify for using Google Adsense in your website all you need is a decent website with atleast 10 to 15 web pages with qualifying content. Google specifies a list of topics for which they won't server Ads. Other than that there is no strict conditions such as how big the site should be and how much traffic should it attract. However a webmaster has to first understand Google's Terms of Service, in which Google outlines the Dos and Don'ts of using Adsense on your web site.

The webmaster need to be very careful before applying to Adsense and make sure that his website or blog indeed qualifies for Google Adsense. It is very difficult and frustrating to get into the program or reapply to the program, if you are once rejected. So here we outline some of the things you need to keep in mind before approching Google for Adsense (and to get success out of it, ofcourse).


You need to keep in mind that Google Adsense is there primarily for content-based sites. Websites that focus on pure product sales or only for Ads kinds of sites may not be proper for Adsense. Moreover, all you are promoting is your own product(s), then hosting Adsense might work against you, as the Ads that show up will be direct competitors. So it makes no sense in such cases. If you are building content that is usful for general website visitors, or content focussed on specific topic (niche sites) then you will have good chance of succeding with Adsense.

Forums & Blogs

Some blogs or forums may not be accepted. Still, if the forum or blog is information-rich then they are not only accepted, but may work really well with AdSense for their owners.

Google started with not accepting this type of sites. But it turned out that, in some cases, they represent exactly what users are looking for: Honest, useful, unbiased information, where anybody can express just what they truly think, and right when they feel the need to do it. On condition they are not artificially created for other purpose than that of letting their users interact in the world of ideas and benefit from each other's experience and knowledge.

Image Galleries

Image sites may host AdSense if the images are accompanied by as little as some brief explanatory lines, relevant for the Mediabot, the Googles Media crawler. But these may not yield good results compared to content sites.

Chat Sites

These are not suitable for Google Adsense and thay may not even allow these kind of small talk sites

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