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Google Adsense Tutorial, Understanding Adsense Channels

Google Adsense Tutorial
Understanding Adsense Channels

Adsense Channels allows us to understand:

What amount of revenue that each of our websites are generating
What amount of revenue particular pages or sections within one website are generating

You can setup channels inside your Adsense account which will enable you to track where your Adsense clicks are coming from.

There are two types of channels:

1. URL Channels

URL channels allow you track the Adsense performance under a specific URL. The URL could of an entire domain or subdomain or directory or even a specific page. The beauty of this is not you don't need to do any thing on the website side. Google automatically reports the Adsense performance with the URL. This is usful when you want to assess the overall performance of all pages under specific sections of your site.

For understanding this consider the following example provided by Google:

example.com track all pages across all subdomains
sports.example.com track only pages across the 'sports' subdomain
sports.example.com/widgets track all pages below a specific directory
sports.example.com/index.html track a specific page

2. Custom Channels

Custom Channels allows you to track the performance of a particular ad or group of Ads that you have generated, by placing a channel id all those Ads that you want to group and track.

With these channels the id for the particular channel you create is included in the actual Adsense ad code that you generate. Every ad that you include this code in, will report its performance under that particular channel even if they are different format sizes or appear on different pages or different websites.

Currently you are allowed to create upto 200 different channels.

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