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Google Adsense Tutorial, Google Adsense Products

Google Adsense Tutorial
Google Adsense Products

Google offers 3 various Adsense products that can be used or promoted to monitise a website. Lets us examine these products.

Adsense for Content

The most common and most usful of all Adsense products for the content sites. These are the ads that you see at the right side of Google Seach results and on various other Adsense sites. These Ads are relavent to the content of your website and when ever the visitors clicks on one of these you will earn revenue. For more information read our article "Adsense Ad Formats"

Adsense For Search

Adsense for Search allows you, the publisher, to place Google search box on your site. This allows your visitors to search from the Google indexed pages of your website or from the Web using the database of Google's search engine. For every search by your user, Google dispalys ads related to that search (just like on the Google site) and you earn revenue when your users click on those ads.

Referral Products

These are non-contextual products that Google allows you to promote and rewards you for such promotion. In this Google offers products like "Google Adsense Subscription", "Google Adwords Subscription", "Fire Fox browser with Google home page", "Good Picasa Web Album" etc. When a user downloads and installs one of these Google pays you a fixed commission.

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