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Google Adsense Tutorial , Adsense Ad Color Optimization

Google Adsense Tutorial
Adsense Ad Color Optimization

To make money with Adsense, one of the widly agreed recommendation for Adsense Ad Color Optimization, is to make use of those colors that make your look like an integral part of your content. This is done by blending the ads by using the same colors that exist on your website.

There are three things you need keep in mind to do this:

Make the background color and the border color of the ad to match with the background color of the webpage.

Make the color of the link to match with the color of the links on your webpage.

Make the color of the ad description (i.e the ad text) and the ad url to match with the text color.

I generally only make three exceptions to this:

I make the actual ad link darker than the other links on the page but keep it in a similar color palette. When a visitor is finished with the page they are on and are looking for someone else to go they tend to see darker colors before lighter ones. I believe Google makes the links bold for the same reason - intensity draws the eye.

I use the standard internet blue link. Although this isn't as widespread as it once was, internet users still often associate the standard blue color with being a link.

I make the advertiser url a very pale shade of grey. It's still visible as it must be to conform to Google's policies but the link and the text draw the visitors attention and the ads appear more like internal links than Adsense ads. The success of this modification will often depend on the market your site is targetting. For example, webmasters know what Adsense ads are and so this change will have little impact. If your site targets people who are less familiar with the internet making the ads appear more like an internal link (ie simply a link and a description of what you'll find when you click on it) can increase your ctr.

The reason blending works better than colors that draw attention to the ads is that it's not a color that is going to make someone click on an ad - even if it's their favorite color!

Humans respond to words or better put still the meaning of words - and it will be the word or combination or words which your visitor connects to in the ad. This is why they will click on one rather than another.

Attention grabbing colors will only serve to put a barrier between your visitor and the words in the ad. More people may see them but less will click on them and Adsense is pay per click, not pay per view!

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