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Google Adsense Tutorial, Introduction to Adsense Optimization

Google Adsense Tutorial
Introduction to Adsense Optimization

Why should you optimize the content for Adsense? Simply put, content optimization makes it possible to realize the full revenue earning potential of your website. In a way, it is to find out your "magic recipe" of your website. And this will do primary two things:

It will make your visitor involved and responsive. What it means is you will maximize the Click-Through-Rate (CTR) and make the visitor want to click on your Ads. This is only possible when the ads are very relevant to the content of the page

Maximize the revenue you earn from each click. You need to attract high paying Ads to do this.

To maximize your CTR you will need to focus on your choice of ad format, ad color, and ad placement and finally ad relevancy. You need to make sure that your ads are as relevant as they can be, as related ads always generate more clicks than unrelated omes. The number of units per page and your use of adlinks will also effect your click through rate.

To make sure that you are receiving as much as you possibly can from every click, you need to focus on high paying keywords around your niche through search engine optimization of the content and the creation of supplemental content that focuses on high paying keywords related to primary niche.

When you have achieved the above two goals, then all you need to do is to attract targeted traffic. With all this your website will become an automated money machine and makes you money based on how much your traffic is and how profitable your niche is. For more information follow our article unleash Adsense potential to make real money from your website.

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