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Google Adsense Tutorial, How to Optimize Adsense Keywords for high CPC?

Google Adsense Tutorial
How to Optimize Adsense Keywords for high CPC?

Targeting high paying keywords is very important to succeed in making money with Adsense. Not all keywords are the same. Different keywords pay different amounts. For example a niche site focussed on Credit Cards will generate more revenue per adsense click when compared to a niche site focussed on, say, biographies (ofcourse, when all other things like traffic and number of pages etc being the same). This is because there is a large pool of ads around 'credit cards' keyword than biographies and the PPC for those ads will be more. That is the reason why serious webmasters who want to make money using Adsense are on a search for high paying keywords and there are good products like 'Keyword Country' who sell these keyword lists.

Different keywords in different niche markets also pay different amounts. If your website is not targeting the “profitable” keywords you will probably be earning less money per Adsense click than you should be. For example, if you increase your average cost per click from $0.50 to $1.00 you will double your revenue with the same traffic level. You can do the keyword research using tools like Keyword Country (a good tool indeed). There are two ways of doing this on your already existing website.

Target your existing webpages:

Watch out for the words you use in the hot spots like Title, Meta Tags, H1 tags etc and inside the body of your content. Google's content matching technology generates ads related to the meaning of the words on your page. If the high paying keywords for that page topic aren't in those 4 hot spots the quality (relevancy) and CPC of your ads will be lower than if they were. Google wants to match their advertiser ads to the pages which are going to offer the greatest return.

Improve your website to target related high paying keywords:

The most important part of the game is "relevancy". Don’t add content pages about irrelevant keywords to your website just because they are high paying. Instead look for high paying keywords targeted around the theame of your website.

1. Type your primary keyword, in this example, "motorcycle" into Keyword Country, wait for the results to appear and then click on CPC. This will arrange all the related keywords by their CPC value bringing the most profitable to the top. I did this and found that -

“Motorcycle Insurance In Michigan” has an average CPC of $10.25
“Motorcycle Insurance” has an average CPC of $4.28
“Motorcycle Loan” has an average CPC of $3.34

These are very high average CPCs for which you could develop new content. These content pages would generate higher cost per click Adsense ads from your visitors.

2. Your second option is to type in keywords which are related to your principal topic. Continuing with the motorcycle theme you could type in Harley-Davidson a popular manufacturer of motorcycles. The results show that “Harley Davidson Boots” has an average CPC of $0.84. You could build a page today pre-selling Harley Davidson Boots and generate a nice Adsense stream from that page. Another extension would be the keyword “chopper”, a popular type of motorcycle enhanced by the big shows of the last few years. On Keyword Country a search for chopper brings up related keywords like West Coast Choppers, a famous chopper builder which has an average CPC of $0.95 – again a page or several pages around this topic would be a nice addition to a motorcycle based website.

Whatever your topic, virtually every website can incorporate new high paying content. So before you try and build a website in a new niche check that the website(s) that you’ve already put the groundwork into (link building and seo) can’t be better optimized for higher paying keywords and / or have additional high adsense paying content added to it. There will be at least five new pages of content that you could add to your existing website today that would create higher paying average clicks than what you are already generating.

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