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Google Adsense Tutorial , How to Monitor Adsense Ads?

Google Adsense Tutorial
How to Monitor Adsense Ads?

Constantly monitoring the performance of Adsense Ads is an important part of increasing your Adsense revenue. Monitoring helps in determining which formats, colors, placements etc are performing better in terms of CTR and accordingly we can make modification such to optimize Adsense for maximum performance. The best tool that Adsense provides for the publisher to monitor Ads is using "Channels". For more information see our article on using Adsense Channels.

The best way to monitor your ads performance is to set up several channels inside your Adsense account. By setting up a channel for a particular set or type of ad you can monitor their performance and compare them to other ads.

Lets us various types of channels that we can use for monitoring Adsense:

You can create one channel for the whole website - It is enough to create a URL channel for this purpose,
One channel, may be for a 336 x 280 rectangle inside the page content,
One channel, may be for a 160 x 600 skyscraper in the right navigation,
One channel for the Adlinks in the left navigation.
Various URL channels for various subsections of the site (to see which section performs better)

Shown above is just an example. By setting up channels this way you can examine the difference in performance between various ad formats.

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