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Google Adsense Tutorial, How to use Adsense Adlinks?

Google Adsense Tutorial
How to use Adsense Adlinks?

In additions to the regular Adsense units, Google also provides navigational units called "Adlinks". Adlinks are basically navigational units, which when clicked shows a set of Ads related to that Adlink. When a users clicks on the Ad thus displayed, the publisher will be paid for that click. As they take very little space compared to regular ads they can be used in addition to regular Ad units for making a little extra money.

Initially there was a prejudice against using these Adlinks in place of or in addition to regular ad units. The basic assumption goes something like this: as the Adlink unit requires a visitor to click first on one of the four or five topics and then on one of the ads they will be clicked on less as it requires them to do two things. In a sense this is true but the best way to see Adlinks is not to compare them to the traditional ad unit because basically they are not the same.

Whereas the regular ad is best utilized as additional content for your website, the Adlink is best utilized as additional navigation. Most navigation links are solely the number of words which prescribe the meaning of that navigation and this is what Adlinks replicate.

They come in two main formats - horizontal and square (each of which has several variations). Therefore, they can be used effectively in a variety of places:

1. The favored hot spot for Adlinks is the top navigational bar where the user usually looks for site navigation options. If you include them there and match the link, border and background color to the colors you are already using you will generate a high CTR.

2. A 728 x 15 in the traditional leaderboard position can work very well (just underneath your banner and above your actual webpage).

3. A 468 x 15 above or just below your actual page title can also work well. Bear in mind that the 468 sometimes isn't long enough to cater for the amount of words that it generates and will result in it being squashed together. You'll have to test it for your content.

4. You can also use one of the square units at the bottom of your articles. Sometimes this can work out very well as well.

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