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Google Adsense Tutorial How to Reapply for Adsense?

Google Adsense Tutorial
How to Reapply for Adsense?

It is important to understand how to reapply for Google Ansense when you need to do so for whatever the reason.

Some of the reasons why a publisher has to reapply for Google Adsense are:

To transfer the ownership of a website (like when you buy a website that already has Adsense in it, from someone else ).
When the account was suspended for click fraud, voilation of Google's terms of service, or for other illegal means.
When you were rejected at the initial application itself.
When the site has functionality problems.

Now let us see how to act to reapply in each of the cases:

Change of Ownership

You can reapply by sending an email to Adsense support team and amply demostrate the change of owner ship in your email. As long as the website was previously not banned and meets all the requirements to qualify for Adsense, your application will be accepted. It is important to make sure before buying, if the site is banned from Adsense for any reason. You can enquire this from Adsense team by sending them an email.

Account was Banned or Disabled

A publisher can get banned for click fraud or voilation of any Adsense program policies. Normally the publisher gets a notification email from Google explaining why the account was banned. When you receive such an email, you have to know how to react and defend (if you are not at fault, ofcourse). In some cases it will not be very hard to reactivate your account. But in some cases such as click fraud it is really hard to get the account back on the road. Here are some of the causes for disabling a, Adsense account:

Click Fraud:

Adsense registers what they consider as invalid, malicious or fradulant clicks on the Adsense Ads generated mainly for the purpose of personal gain in adsense revenue. More more information, see our article on Click Fraud.

What to do?

Email Google Adsense team with an apology and admitting the blame. However, if you consider you have not done anything wrong, they will see this situation triggered by one of your actions, even if not directly.
Be persistent. Send an email regularly, say once a week to show them that you are comitted and loyal to the program.
Keep a polite tone. Don't be confrontational. Being rude will never work.
Offer to make compensation on the malicious clicks to ensure them that you are truly sorry.

Incentives or Advising the Users for Clicks :

This occurs usually for publishers who are not well aware of Google Adsense program policies. Google prohibits using any other phrase except "Sponsered Links" or "Advertisements" around google Ads. Using phrease such as "Please click on the links" etc. or telling the visitors that it is madatory to click on Ads to use some other service on your site or to offer incentives for clicks etc., are some of the reasons that can potentially have your account banned.

What to do?

Just remove all content from your site that can be intrepreted as ' promoting clicks on your site' and resubmit your application. And never, never repeat such acts if you are lucky enough to have your account reactivated.

Rejection of the Initial Application

Usually Google rejects a site for Adsense, because the site does not meet all the Google Adsense program policies.

What to do?

Read the Google Terms of Service carefully and make sure you site meets all the requirements. In some case even if the site is perfect, they may reject because of their mistake. In such case resumit the application and have them take a second look at your site. They usually give the approval immediatly in such cases.

Banned because of functionality problems

When there is any problem on any page that causes it to automatically refresh.
When you have an automatic procedure serving Google ads to all pages including 404 error pages and search pages.
When there are some broken links or any other site disfunctionalities that come against Google stipulations.

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