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Google Adsense Tutorial How to build website for Adsense?

Google Adsense Tutorial
How to build website for Adsense?

To create your own website to make money with Adsense you need to:

Buy a Domain name.
Take Hosting Account.
Build the website content.
Apply for Adsense.
Integrate Adsense code into your website content.

First of all, you need a domain name to put your website on. First this you need to buy a domain name that describes the topic you are building your website for from any of the domain registrars such as GoDaddy. Domain names usually costs you less than $10 for a full year.

Once you have a domain name, you need a place on the web to put your content. For this you need to buy a web site hosting service. For this you tipically spend around $6 to $8 per month.

Once you have the hosting, you then have to actually build the content and upload the content to the hosting server. The content you thus uploaded to the hosting server can then be viewed on web using your domain name. To build content, you should either know HTML (and a web programming language such as ASP or PHP for dynamic sites) or if know nothing about web languages you may buy a website building tool such as XSitePro.

XSitePro is a very good content development tool that has made the process of building a website so easy and is streaks ahead of all the other tools on the market. Within two to three hours you will have worked your way through the tutorial and will be in the position to build your own successful money vehicle. It's literally built to facilitate what this website is talking about and even has an insertion facility for Adsense.

You then have to learn about the basics of how to use Adsense in your site.

For the complete newbie to Adsense, AdsenseHowTo.net has it's limitations as it doesn't go into the very basic stuff of how to get the code, how you change the variables etc. The site focuses on what actually makes money with Adsense and this is down to building the right websites, integrating Adsense correctly and bringing traffic to that website. Therefore you are going to need another source so that you can get to grips with the basics. There are two that I would recommend:

(i) The Google Adsense Help Center - From the people who made the program this is a good tour de force of Adsense and how to use it. They also have some good "heat maps" which give you ad placement ideas depending on the type of website you are building.

(ii) Adsense Forums - Digital Point and Webmaster World both have good Adsense forums if you're the type that can happily sit and sift through thousands of posts.

For more information about Adsense see the following articles:

Qualifying and Applying for Adsense
Google Adsense Products

Once you have the website ready, you then need to know how to properly use Adsense in your content. This involves various Adsense optimization techniques.

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